6 Key Lessons that Ants Teach Us

Who is a perfect human being? What values make us true representatives of humanity? Forget seminars and counseling, all you need to know about the true meaning of life can be taught by an ant. Life lessons can be found everywhere, even from ants.

Team Work

Ants ALWAYS work together. Millions of them live together in the same anthill. They work with each other and for each other. But most of us have difficulty trying to work even in a small group of 3-4 people? Everyone’s views point towards opposite directions. Most group activities just end up in fights. It is interesting to know that the world’s most successful teams, be it any sport, are not the ones with the most skilled players, but with the best bonding among the players.

Taking the recent example of the FIFA World Cup, Croatia, a tiny post-independence nation, shocked the world by reaching the finals of the World Cup. Their key to success: camaraderie and bonding among the team members. If we can realize the fact that teamwork is not about oneself but about everyone else, there is no stopping humanity from reaching its zenith.

Order and Organisation

It is fascinating to see how ants almost always follow the exact same path without ever faltering. Although the reason behind this is scientific, we can see how order and organization increase the work efficiency to such a great extent. We must learn to apply this in our lives too. Standing in a proper queue, keeping all our belongings in their proper places, arranging files in an orderly manner, etc. can not only help us get our work done on time but also increase our efficiency of doing it. Taking inspiration from this, I have resolved to keep all my things in place from now onward. (Well, at least I’ll try.)

Strength and Bravery

Did you know that an ant can lift up to 50 times its own weight? (It’s true!) It is amazing how a creature so tiny can display such an amazing amount of strength and bravery. An ant can literally face death the next moment but never hesitates to take a step forward. We too must face challenges that come our way with bravery. We must never fear facing challenges and obstacles because they are the stepping stones to success. In short, FEAR= Face Everything and Rise

The Next Generation is our Responsibility

Ants toil day and night not for themselves, but for their coming generations. From building their hill to collecting food, their selflessness is unparalleled. We too must apply this to ourselves. We must remember that we do not inherit resources from our ancestors, rather we borrow them from our children. In today’s time, we use our resources excessively and pollute our environment to an immeasurable extent. In such a scenario, what kind of home are we leaving behind for our coming generations? We must remember that the next generation is everyone’s responsibility.


Ants reconcile with situations very quickly. Put an obstacle in their way and they simply walk around it. We must also deal with unexpected situations as quickly as possible. Mulling over the problem isn’t going to help solve it. Action is. So, we must quickly come to terms with whatever problem comes our way. We too, must walk around our hindrances and not perceive them as a dead end.

Planning ahead

Ants ALWAYS plan head. They store enough food to last them through the winter. Planning ahead is thus, essential for their survival. We must also plan ahead. Procrastinating and putting things off for the last minute never lead to long term success. Only those who plan for their future and put in efforts accordingly are truly successful in life. 

With these key lessons in mind, personal satisfaction, as well as success, is guaranteed. The purpose of this post is to point out the fact that we can learn anytime, anywhere, and from anyone. Be it someone younger to us, elder to us, or even an animal, every being has certain lessons to teach that are truly inspiring!


Arushi Arora is an 18-year-old with lots of insights, thoughts, and experiences to share on all kinds of issues and debates that surround us. Through her blogs, she wishes to share a student's perspective on issues that prevail from time to time. She is also has a keen interest in environmental and biodiversity issues.

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