Beginner’s Guide to Monochrome Photography

Have you ever interpreted a painting before? Indeed, it says a thousand words and is interpreted and viewed differently by different people. Similarly, photographs can also be interpreted in different ways just like any other art. And Monochrome Photography plays a big role in doing this.

When I see a monochrome picture, I feel that they show more emotions than the standard colored photographs. It stands for one color, A monochrome photograph is the one where different shades of only one color interpret the whole picture.

Is Monochrome and Black and White the same?


Black and white

Although it might be used interchangeably, Monochrome is a broader term when compared to Black and white.

On one hand, as Monochrome photography is open to the variant shades of only one color, be it shades of blue, red, green, and yellow; on the other hand, black and white photography only deals with shades of grey in the image.

Therefore, we can say that Black and White’s photography is a part of monochrome photography and it doesn’t mean the same thing.

When Monochromatic picture is analyzed in psychological terms, it is found that due to its simple appearance, it gives out intense mood and emotions as the absence of vivid colors makes the person focus on the subject in the photograph without getting distracted, which further leads to the deeper interpretation of the pictures, making it full of emotions.

The wow factor is that you can click anything you want in this style and it will still look beautiful! The beauty in clicking monochrome is that you can give a meaning to any subject or object, making it one of the most widely used color style photography.


To enable monochrome filter in Nikon, follow the link Nikon

To enable monochrome filter in Canon, follow the link below Canon

Post shot

After you have taken the shot, you can edit it in black and white through various editing apps available for the smartphone. The major editing apps that govern the play stores are:-

  • PicsArt
  • Snapseed
  • Lightroom

You should always keep in mind that perspective is one of the most important aspects of photography. It gives a deeper meaning to your photographs, exactly like artists give to their art. To read more such amazing content about photography keep reading to ThePopStories.

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Keep clicking!


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