Breaking Taboo with Global Fighters’ Shalini Diwan

We often hear people say that all of us born in the lap of our mother nature are equals. But, ironically, we are the one who has created social barriers and a transparent wall of inequality amongst people. These social barriers have been the very cause for the downfall of our country once known as “Sone kiChidiya” (Golden Bird). When most of us prefer to be silent and ignorant towards all these social issues, some people are determined to make this world a better place for every single person to live in. With their endeavors, they believe that every little step in the right direction will bring the change we wish to see. We at ThePopStories had a chance to meet Mrs. Shalini Diwan, CEO of The Global Fighters Foundations.

GLOBAL FIGHTERS FOUNDATION (GFF) was established by Mrs. Shalini Diwan and her team 5 years ago. With a view that the world as we see is one of extremes inequity; poverty, illiteracy, malnourishment, unhygienic living conditions galore alongside the riches, affluence, glamour, sophisticated lifestyles of the privileged. The aim of this organization is to contribute to the reduction of these disparities and the overall upliftment of weaker sections of the society.

The name “Global Fighters” comes with an endearing story about how the abbreviation GF of this foundation can be related to a girlfriend and how we take care of our girlfriend can be associated with how The Global fighters intend to take care of this world.

Global Fighters is a young NGO working for social causes like Women Empowerment, Children welfare, development in rural areas, and education. When asked about achievements that chairperson Mrs. Diwan feels most proud of. It was all about the efforts she and her team had managed to implement in a very short period of time to metamorphose a school named JAI BHARAT SR. SEC. SCHOOL in Kashipur, Palwal. By working on both infrastructure and education policy of the school, Mrs. Diwan has ensured a safe and inviting environment for all children of the district. Hence, transforming that place into something that children and teachers feel proud of. Further she feels pride in the work they have been doing for a program called WEP (Women Empowerment Plan). Where women from villages are given free education in the evening after finishing their household chores.

The support of her family to start this NGO has been a pillar to her confidence in building this organization from scratch. Like her, the whole Diwan family is grateful to society for what they have accomplished. They feel that one should always reciprocate and give back to society in every possible way. Her down to earth personality and enthusiasm to keep learning makes her a humble person. With a positive attitude and view towards life that everyone should feel inspired by.

For her, inspiration comes from everything and as a motivational speaker. She always gives out this advice to excel in life, one must follow the three D’s in life: Discipline, Dedication, and Determination.

If a person is empathetic, honest, and dependable, one can easily achieve all their goals in life. Believing in the quote from Gautam Buddha that you cannot serve from an empty bowl, Mrs. Diwan believes that if a person loves himself inside out, has a forward-looking attitude, and is considerate towards everyone. He will always emit a positive vibe making people around them feel motivated.

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As a wellness expert. She tells us to trust in the universe within our own self and to get a hang of that energy. Which in return will help us enlighten our soul and make the mind feel more connected with our body.

Mrs. Shalini Diwan is also a fashion enthusiast with a background in textile design. She defines fashion as something that a person feels confident. She suggests one should focus on creating their own signature style based on your environment, body type, and color preferences.

When asked about the advice that she would like to give the young mothers, she said and I quote,

“Go ahead, take care of yourself and your family first. Create some good individuals for society but never let your dreams die. Just move ahead and fulfill your dreams, go slow but with a solid pace.”

Because of this very mindset she has been able to raise her kids so well. As well as excel as a social worker. As she didn’t let her personally define her professionally.

Global Fighters continues its work on development in the education sector. With another school running successfully in Odisha as well as supporting local libraries. The idea to build these schools in rural areas is deeply involved with the roots from which all of it has started. Before urbanization, it was all rural and we were grounded. So to target the roots of our society is the plan of the Global Fighters Foundation. The intent is to nourish the roots so as to make the whole tree grow even healthier. This means to create equal opportunities in rural areas and to take education where it has limited reach. Global fighters’ team is determined to do and work for the best of every individual out there without discrimination.

Another successful program being run by this NGO is THE GOLDEN COCOON. That works on promoting the heritage crafts from our diverse culture which are crafted by women authentically from their homes in their villages. The idea is to highlight artifacts and craftsmanship of our culture. Thus, making these women independent by generating revenue through their work. The name “Golden Cocoon” is inspired from the lifecycle of a butterfly and just like the butterfly. This program wishes to gift these women some golden wings to fly and feel confident in their own skills.

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Lastly, Mrs. Diwan also touches on her love for food across the globe which inspired her to work on a book called “Safar-e-Zaika” which translates to the journey of flavor.

This book talks about how food has evolved and the story behind different foods of this world with references from some ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. Furthermore, the book focuses on how food unites us all and has an edge over all the conventional recipe books. To all the food enthusiast people out there reading this article, you can go ahead and check out the book at Amazon.

With their constant devotion to work for social causes. The Global Fighters Federation also plans to expand internationally and spread the roots of welfare and awareness in the entire world. People like Mrs. Shalini Diwan are an inspiration to put personal interests aside and to take the initiative to work closely for the people with support from the people. The only thing they ask in return is happiness, which drives their enthusiasm to do even better every day.

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To become a part of her mission and to contribute to the cause of Global Fighters’ team, visit their website, follow them on Facebook, contact them, and register yourself as a volunteer. Every individual is capable of making a difference and every little effort counts as a stepping stone in the right direction.

We ThePopStories team, thank Mrs. Diwan for being a part of this interview and talking with us and we wish her Best of luck for all her ongoing and future endeavors.

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