Flat Lay Photography: The Quarantine Trend

With all the boredom going on these days on social media, people have come up with simple yet aesthetically pleasing flat lay photograph layouts based on their interest or different genres like retro music, dance, skincare, beauty products, and a lot more. Plat Lay Photography is not really a newborn trend but has definitely gained a lot of attention recently as we are unable to go outdoors and capture.


Flat Lay Photography is a trending branch of photography where the picture is taken from above. The reason behind it being known as flat lay is that objects are kept on a flat surface in desired angles and the photograph is then captured.

Remember, you can capture a Flat Lay Photograph with any and every object as there is no limit to perspective!

Sounds easy right? It is quite easy if you follow some easy yet effective steps!

Step 1: Choose your Camera

What I like about this genre of photography is that you can use any type of camera be it a DSLR, A digital camera, or your good old phone camera.

I’ve particularly noticed that iPhone and Androids like Google Pixels and One Plus capture one of the best flat lays! So you should definitely put your smartphones to use!

For DSLR users, the lense recommended is a prime lens or any lens with a focal length 18mm- 50mm. Avoid taking a lens with a long focal length as it can ve tough for you to click your layouts.

To find some great DSLRs at an affordable rate you must check out Amazon.

Step 2: Choose your Layout

What makes your flat lay photograph so special is YOU yourself. It’s your perspective and the way you are conveying your thoughts by the layout you created. There are limitless objects you can keep in your shot, some common ones bring laptops, coffee mugs, cassettes, house plants, and many more!!

Like creativity has no boundaries, you can go wild with your imagination!

Moreover, it is one of the most preferred types of photography by business houses.

Step 3: A Plain and Simple Surface

As I have already mentioned in my previous blog The Perfect Guide on How to click Self-Portraits, a simple and plain background makes the subject look beautiful as the viewer isn’t distracted by the background and only focuses on the subject. The exact same thing happens in flat lay photography. As you want the viewer to look at the objects in the photograph, it would be better if the background is kept plain, dull, and simple as you don’t want to draw attention to the background but to your layout.

It is great to use a neutral and earthy color such as shades of brown, dark blue, black, gray; however, a lot of photographers and bloggers prefer to keep it white as it is the simplest yet very elegant color. It makes everything brighter and adds a pinch of glow to your layout.

Step 4: Stable Camera

Now, whenever you try to create an indoor photography surrounding, it is always advisable to keep your camera stable. Which is why, you should buy a tripod if you haven’t already! Trust me, it’s a good investment!

For flat lay photography, you should keep your camera in such a way that you get a top view of your layout. One major advantage of a tripod is that you don’t have to worry about shaky pictures and you can capture your photographs easily!

Step 5: Lighting

In any type of photography, lighting is one of the most important aspects of every type of photography. To achieve a soft light, you should keep in mind that the lights, be it natural or artificial, is not very strong so that you can successfully avoid those common shadows which will add an uncomfortable contrast to your beautiful layouts.

And that is pretty much it! If everything goes smoothly, you can master this branch of photography in no time!

Pro Tip: Remember to not put too many objects in your layouts and keep it light!

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