Gotham: The Rise of The Dark Knight

Recently I finished watching Gotham and the one word I have for the show is, that it’s a fantastic show. It’ll keep you hooked and you won’t realize when the 5 seasons end. And when they do you’ll be wanting for more.

Gotham developed by Bruno Heller and produced by the Warner Bros is based on the characters of the DC comics. The show primarily is based on the lives of Detective James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie and Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz. This show actually does justice to the Batman trilogy by Nolan. This show is by far one of the best DC Comics production ever. And the best thing is there are plans for a reboot in 2021 tying it to the Matt Reeves Batman movie.

Now, I know TPS Recommends wasn’t initially a platform for reviewing shows and movies, but we believe people should actually see these shows and movies because they are a work of art and they’re perfect.

So guys let’s get started on the reasons why you should watch Gotham.

Jim Gordon

Ben McKenzie in the role of Jim Gordon is just perfect. Every scene that he is in its just flawless. We’ve heard it quite a few times in the batman trilogy that Jim Gordon is a war hero and this show proves it. Gordon is a detective in the GCPD and is partnered with Harvey bullock and the first case he’s assigned to is the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. It’s where Gordon meets Bruce and promises that he will find the killer, and he does. Over the seasons Gordon faces a lot of setbacks like losing his child with Lee Thompkins, being demoted to beat cop, being fired, being sent to the Blackgate prison. But he always keeps his promise of cleaning up the city and he’s successful in doing so.

The Villains

How many villains are considered to be too many villains?

This show is an utter beauty when it comes to showing is the Villains from the DC Comics. The show features the likes of Penguin, The Riddler, Don Falcone, Don Maroni, Fish Mooney, Barbra Kean, Theo Galavan, Ra’s Al Ghul, Nyssa Al Ghul, bane Hugo Strange, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Freeze, Firefly and even The Joker. But if you ask me who is the best of them all it has to be a Penguin and the Riddler nor doubt about that. The way they act their weaknesses their love for the city it’s just all so beautiful. These are the 2 villains who make you fall in love with them.

Bruce Wayne/ The Batman

Is it even possible to talk about Gotham and not mention the batman? Bruce’s parents are shot in front of his eyes and that is where he meets detective Gordon. The first season basically revolves around Bruce being hung on to his parents’ death. In the later seasons, it shows a Bruce which is on the path of becoming the batman. How he meets Selina Kyle. How he’s trained by his guardian Alfred pennyworth. He uses his skills to stop crime at a very young age. In the last 2 seasons, Bruce uses his skills and abilities to help the people of Gotham and the GCPD. He even saves Kim Gordon’s by defeating Poison Ivy, Jerome, and killing Ra’s Al Ghul twice. The final scene of the show is where Bruce stands in his bat suit looking over the city.

Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz played by Anthony Carrigan is the perfect serial killer. He’s a hitman for earlier don Falcone and then when Falcone retires he starts working for the Penguin, and then later makes one final appearance in the 5th season where he’s shown working for Ivy pepper. We see him for the first time when he comes to the GCPD to kill Jim Gordon But now the question is why are we talking about a Hitman who did not even have a prominent role. It’s because every time he was on the screen you’d forget about everyone else. His charm, his charisma. His wicked approach towards crime it’s all just a work of beauty. He for sure deserved a longer role in the show.

This was our review for Gotham, and from now on we will be serving you with reviews of shows and movies that you should really watch and are worth your time. In recent weeks, we will be reviewing Dil Bechara, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, The Old Guard, Shakuntala Devi, Indian Matchmaking, and Honey Boy. Stay tuned guys and keep reading to Thepopstories for such great content.

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