Priyanka Kathpal: Her Dreams, Passion and Inspiration for Women

Priyanka Kathpal has gone through many ups and downs, but never lost her strenghth and perseverance to keep fighting. Her story of success is a wake-up call for all women to realise that no barriers can stop them from achieving their dreams.


Priyanka Kathpal herself as a facilitator; humanitarian; dreamer; and achiever. She is the CEO of GenNext (a reform in primary and middle school education) and works as current President of the Ladies Wing of Bharat Vikas Parishad. She has also been a part of the Raahgiri Foundation. She has also worked alongside Haryana Police, under their women’s safety helpline. She has earned many accolades to herself, including certification from The Ministry of Women and Child Development on account of Women’s day 2020, and honored by the CM of Haryana. Recently ThePopStories got in touch with her to know her story of strength.

Mrs. Kathpal receiving an award at the Haryana Garima Awards

Mrs. Kathpal grew up in a household that believed that a woman’s rightful place is at home. After completing her education, she was married off. Despite being a housewife, she was immensely passionate to work.

However, life took a toll as the next couple of years of her life were wrapped up around the household and grooming the children. She finally took a decision to step out and work. It was met with considerable hesitation, but she got the step ahead because of her encouraging husband. She worked as a teacher in varied reputed schools for a couple of years. Her way with the children and her teaching gathered attention, due to which she was approached to be a part of Bharat Vikas Parishad, to help garner community spirit and help.

Mrs. Kathpal, describing herself as a dreamer, always wanted to start something of her own. She started GenNext in 2018, as a way to improve children’s perspective towards studying, by major focus on smaller classes.

After seeing the situation of children in schools, with their mushy concepts and lack of understanding, she took the baton to launch her own startup, GenNext. It is a revolution in teaching, as she conducts classes for middle school and primary school children, by teaching them the crux of the subject, the building blocks.

She joined the Bharat Vikas Parishad as the Vice-President for the Ladies’ Wing, and after two years of her journey there, she is the current president of BVP.


Mrs. Kathpal worked in Raahgiri, Karnal since August 30, 2015. Raahgiri has in general, been a huge success in the capital too! We all know the rage that Raahgiri received. It was a success in Delhi. Mrs. Kathpal worked with Raahgiri to promote health and fitness. The Raahgiri Foundation (TRF) is a non-profit organization based in the Indian city Gurugram. TRF was formed to promote road safety, sustainable transport, and community development. Raahgiri Day is India’s first sustained car-free citizen initiative that began in Gurgaon on Nov 17, 2013. A day every week is dedicated to inviting people on those streets which are overpowered by car every day and made them experience their streets with activities like cycling, walking, and performing arts.

Raahgiri Day aims to promote walking, cycling, and the use of public transport as envisaged in the national urban transport policy. It creates awareness around road safety. 

Raahgiri was a huge success in the Capital

Established in 1963, Bharat Vikas Parishad is a service-cum-Sanskar oriented, non-political, socio-cultural voluntary organization. It is dedicated to the development and growth of our country in all fields of human endeavor – cultural, social, academic, moral, national and spiritual – by promoting a sense of patriotism, national unity, and integrity.

Its aim is the development and growth of Bharat, in all fields of human endeavor – cultural, social, academic, moral, national, and spiritual culminating in Swasth- Samarth-Sanskrit Bharat i.e. physically, economically and morally strong India.

Their mission is to organize the elite, intellectuals and the well-to-do citizens and to motivate them to serve our poor, disabled, illiterate and ignorant brethren not as an act of charity but in the true spirit of our cultural tradition of service as duty and also to transmit our cultural values to the younger generation.

The action plan for implementation of Parishad’s policies and programs is executed through the following sutras (maxims):

  1. 1. Sampark (Fellowship)
  2. Sahyog (Cooperation)
  3. Sanskar (MoralOrientation)
  4. Seva (Service)
  5. Samarpan (Commitment)

Mrs. Khatpal discusses the importance of going back to our roots. In the times of this grueling pandemic, we can see how everyone is going back to square one. We are investing our time in making gaadas (traditional Indian remedy for immunity). Our Shastras and Vedas manifest the importance of spices and herbs in our cooking. Indian food is quite scientific in its gastronomical approach, no matter how much Westerners’ try to depict it as a “spice-fest”.

Our yoga, an ancient form of a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines, has gained worldwide recognition due to its brilliant effects. From pranayama to hath yoga, to rhythmic yoga, all its variations are gaining more limelight in the Covid-19 Pandemic as it is an immunity booster. It strengthens the body from the inside, making us achieve the best, with a healthy mind and body.

One of the biggest challenges, for every working woman, is the tussle between managing the work and the house at the same time. Since we as a society (globally) have added gendered roles to tasks. The home is very much a women-centric domain till now. As a result of which, a lot of women have to sacrifice their dreams and aspirations in life. A lot of women are not even able to step out of their houses because their family curtails this movement because the house will get affected

“Agaraapsochsaktehai, to Karsaktehai”. This is the motto Mrs. Priyanka Kathpal would like to give the women who aspire to step out of their homes and work. Working is such an integral part and also an option one should get the right to exercise upon. Women who stay in joint families, who are very conservative in their approach towards working women, should not feel discouraged. Yes, at first you may not get the right support, but if you work hard, you work sincerely and you reap the rewards, the same people will be in awe of you.

One needs to be mentally strong to take a difficult decision like this. Be confident in your capabilities and have a plan. Having a plan makes things more concrete and helps you in achieving your desired goals. More importantly, families should also realize that having working women really improves the state of the house. A happy woman is a strong woman. So let her do what she wants to.

This trend of centuries-old misogyny men hold will shatter once young boys see their own mothers working and are respectful of them. This in turn garners them to be supportive and proud of their future wives, daughters in law, etc.

Priyanka Kathpal is a pioneer, whose success story is ordinarily extraordinary. We are grateful to have gotten in touch with her and be able to share her journey and goodwill with you. Let her and many other women inspire and support other women, and this is how we will progress further.

To become a part of her mission and to contribute to the cause, contact them, and register yourself as a volunteer. Every individual is capable of making a difference and every little effort counts as a stepping stone in the right direction.

We ThePopStories team, thank Mrs. Priyanka Kathpal for being a part of this interview and talking with us and we wish her Best of luck for all her ongoing and future endeavors.

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