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Isn’t finding a perfect shape of sunglasses a universal issue we all face whenever we go to buy one. Especially when the season forces you to have one in your purse every single day. When you go to a shop a see an amazing pair of sunglasses but when you try it on your smile turns upside down because it doesn’t look good on your face and the answer to it is pretty simple that it doesn’t suit your face type or structure. There is a different type of sunglasses made for different face types and in this blog, it will help you to find not only your face structure but also what type of sunglasses will flatter your face structure.

For Heart-Shaped Faces

This type of face is typically wider at the forehead and tapering sharply at the can also be referred to as an inverted-triangle shape. for this type of face, frames that are wider than your forehead will work great. You need to find the frames which will elongate your face and give a balanced definition to your chin.

Rounded Frames

The soft rounded corners create the perfect contrast against the angles of the face.

Aviator Frames

The best way to balance a wider forehead is to add width to the lower half of the face.

Cat Eye Frames

According to me a perfect cat eye can do wonders to your face just like a Botox. Obviously, we are not going for the Botox level type of look but these types of frames-definitely give a sweetly feminine look. It flatters your face shape by giving a definition to your face by making the jawline sharp.

For Square-Shaped Faces

If you have a broad forehead and a strong jawline then you preferably have a square-shaped face. This type usually is the same length and width across the my opinion a round or oval frame would work best for this face for example like the aviators, butterfly type of frame as they will help to round out the sharpness of the face for a more balanced look. The main thing to keep in mind is the frame needs to be curved and not defined it will only contradict the structure.

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For Round-Shaped Faces

Rectangular Frames are the best frame for round face types. I myself have a round-shaped face and most of my collection of sunglasses has a rectangular frame and other than that I have a cat eye with sweeping angles. these will give your face a fun defined shape. Just try to not go for over side large frames as it will overpower your perfect round pretty face.

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For Oval-Shaped Faces

People with this face shape are very lucky as they get to choose whatever type of eyewear they want to wear. each and every frame with go with the structure. Though from my personal experience try to avoid around the frame as they will not be able to elongate your face shape. Other than that you are good to go.

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For Diamond-Shaped Faces

This type of face structure has cheekbones as the widest part of the face and narrow forehead and chins just like diamonds. Oval rectangular or rimless frames will help to complement the wider cheekbones on the face. Then you will just shine like a diamond with the diamond-shaped sunglasses.

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I have noticed these things over the years when I used to go to find a pair of glasses. so these all are my personal and professional experiences. You all should go to the store and try it on. if you are investing a lot of money in them, other then that you can but it online or offline, however, it suits you. I really hope that all this helped you. If any queries do comment it down here or feel free to hit me up on Instagram and to read much more amazing content keep reading ThePopStories.

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