The Rule of Thirds

One of the most basic principles you’ll come across while your in-depth knowledge of photography is the Rule of Thirds. Sounds scientific enough!

Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Rather, it’s just a theory applied by photographers to make their photographs look eye-catching. Now, you should know that it’s not compulsory to apply this rule to your shot but it’s still considered better. This will make your picture much sharper and enhances its centre by drastic changes. So I would definitely suggest you use the Rule of Thirds technique whie doing photography.

What is ‘The Rule of Thirds’?

The Rule of Thirds basically revolves around the grids. You must have seen it while clicking pictures on your DSLRs and smartphones. According to the rule, the unique points of a photograph should be placed at the intersection of the 4 lines.

Basically, you have to break the picture in 9 parts, with the point of interest on the intersection.

Research shows that human beings usually perceive one of the intersection points first rather than the center of the photograph.

In the picture above, for example, I clicked it such that the cat’s eye is the main interest of the shot. When I applied the grid to it, one of the intersection perfectly sat on one of the cat’s eyes. I’m sure when you looked at the photograph, your eyes first saw the cat’s catchy eyes.

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Rule of Thirds: Preshot

Well if you’re a beginner, it’ll take time to adjust to it because when I was a beginner, I wanted to click everything in the center of the grid as I thought that was the most important to make my photographs look beautiful!

To enable the framing grid on Nikon, follow the link and you will find the tutorial there: Nikon

To enable the framing grid on Canon, follow the link and you will find the tutorial there: Canon

After the Shot

It is possible that you weren’t able to apply the rule due to some circumstances such as the shot was to be taken in a few seconds and you weren’t able to think and click. But you can still apply the Rule of Thirds on your pictures.

Take this image for example. It is a little deviated from the grid’s intersection. Now, the shortest way to apply Rule of Thirds is by cropping the picture.

I have used the Snapseed editing app for the crop however there are some smartphones with the inbuilt cropping grid like the one above.

I adjusted the picture such that the subject is not in the middle of the picture but on the lines where the lines intersect.

Therefore, clicking a beautiful subject isn’t the most important thing, the settings and the ways in which the picture is clicked are. The settings we use play a major role and Rule of Thirds is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

I hope this Rule of Thirds is helpful to you. Now you know that whichever editing app you download, these settings will be universal throughout. It means that an app will have all these settings and special settings along with it. To read much more amazing content keep reading ThePopStories For personalized Photography Tips hit me up on my Instagram.

Keep clicking!

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