Ultimate guide on getting the Vintage Edit

We all are addicted to the vintage edits more than we know! Who knew that in a world of clear resolutions and development of HD for outstanding pictures, we would prefer back in time. The vintage trend started around last year around a year ago when Selena Gomez released her music video of the song “Back To You” with a touch of 80’s camera effect which looked aesthetically pleasing. Not to forget Camila Cabello’s “Living proof” official music video, released a few months ago which looked certainly like it was shot in the ’90s. This created hype on how to ace the Vintage Edit in their clicks. And you can get the same by following this Ultimate guide on getting the Vintage Edit.


And right now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a famous trend called #playdateedits. which has gone completely Viral. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a fun edit made from small clips on which vintage and lens flare effects are added to the video, making it look aesthetically pleasing.

What is so common in Vintage Edits?

Well if you look at any Vintage Movie or Photograph, the first thing you’ll notice is that they’re soft and unclear. Then what is this unclear aspect called? It is known as Noise or Grains. Photographers absolutely hate grains in their picture but for vintage edits, it is like a key aspect. In this blog, we’ll talk about how the edit can be done on a picture. But in order to ace the Vintage Edit you must first ace the art of Clicking a Picture. To completely ace the art of it checkout The Perfect Guide on How to click Self-Portraits

Now I have seen a lot of people struggling with finding the right app for that, and I’m here to help you! So the two applications for both iOS and Android users are:- PicsArt and Prequel


Now the fan following for PicsArt is quite high if we look at the edits that can be made in this app. From basic adjustments to making stickers, cloning, and adding realistic stickers to your pictures, this app is really a heads up for fast edits.

To give the vintage effect on a picture, for example, the picture below:-

As you can already feel the vintage vibe from the cable car, this image is absolutely clean and beautiful. PicsArt has several filters that can make it look more vintage and, as I would like to put it, aesthetically pleasing.

As you can see the difference, the picture definitely looks like it was clicked in the 90s. I would totally recommend PicsArt for the people who want to edit on their smartphones itself. However, it has many in-app purchases which are the only negative aspect of the app.


Prequel: Story and Photo Editor is a multimedia app developed by AIAR Labs Inc. It is a powerful app that can take your social media to the next level. What is so special about this app is that it has hassle-free in-built effects and filters that can be used to edit the picture. With basic adjustments which all editing apps have, the ones I have mentioned in my previous blog, Ultimate Guide to Retouching an Image the effects are so on point, that this app can make simple pictures look aesthetically pleasing without any of your efforts.

The picture above gives a nice retro vibe so I’ll quickly be using the Prequel app on this.

As you can see, I have used the “Jewelry” effect on this photo, as this is my favorite effect for the perfect amount of grains and lens flare. This app detects the highlights in the image and adds a lens flare to it. Making it more vintage and aesthetically pleasing. Other effects with lens flare are Bling, Diamond, and Disco. Which are automatically seen as a representation of the 90’s era.

Other than these, it also has a really good collection of effects and filters. So I would absolutely recommend this application!

As you can see the final result above, the pupil was the area of highlight and therefore the application added a lens flare to the same. Also, if you look closely, the effect has also added a soft yellowish touch to the image with some grains. Making it look like this picture was clicked in the 20th century.

An Advantage for IOS Users

This application also allows iOS users to edit their videos on this app. The #playdateedits are also being made from this app. However, this service hasn’t been extended to Android users yet. But I am sure they will not let them down. Thus, a picture grainy or without grain, dark or bright, highly contrasted or faded; it is you who interprets it and it should be your imagination running wild.

I hope this Ultimate guide on getting the Vintage Edit is helpful to you. Now you know that whichever editing app you download, these settings will be universal throughout. It means that an app will have all these settings and special settings along with it. To read much more amazing content keep reading ThePopStories For personalized Photography Tips hit me up on my Instagram.

Keep clicking!

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