Why Capturing the Clouds is Valid

We can all agree that we are addicted to a beautiful sky, we absolutely love clicking the soy especially with a good amount of clouds which is a cherry on the cake! Clouds are not just a mass of tiny drops of water, but are one of the most beautiful elements in a photograph, according to me. I’m sure you can agree with that!

We all must have looked up at the sky and would have formed our perception about the image a flowing cloud is forming and clicked it. Some of us must have perceived a duck while some perceived a dragon. It also tells us that we all have different perspectives to look at the world.

Similarly, all photographers have different perspectives by which they click a photograph, each being equally valid as the other. Coming back to Clouds and sky, there are some points that you have to keep in mind.

Do not Capture the Direct Sun without a UV filter. 

This is a very important point as your camera’s life-span depends on it. Long exposure to the direct light of the sun can cause damage to any type of camera you use. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t capture the sun. You can put a UV protection filter known as an ND filter which works effectively as a sunglass for your camera so that your camera is protected.

Click Facing Opposite to the Sun

Clicking opposite to the sun will not only protect your camera from the harmful UV rays but also gives you ample light. This will eventually make your image beautiful!

Deeper the Depth of Field, Prettier the Image

This is an important aspect of clicking your clouds the way you see it with your eyes. The deeper depth of field means a sharper image which is essential for landscape photography. For increasing your depth of field, you need to make your Aperture opening smaller. (Just to clear the confusing numbers f22 < f11 < f8 < f5.6 < f4)

Maintain the Focus of the Camera

The picture is of no use if your camera doesn’t focus on well enough. The focus is important to capture the maximum element of the sky that you’re seeing with your own eyes, and for that focusing is important.

I’m sure you all have much experience when clicking the picture of the sky. I would love to see your shots! Tag @thepopstories if you capture the sky in your camera after reading this! I would love to see your shots!

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Neha Tanti

Neha is an amateur photographer and she's still learning. Currently 16, she started doing Photography 3 years ago. She prefers to stay behind the camera and her pictures are really awesome. If you're a noob at Photography, you should read her blogs!

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